StrengthsFinder 9 Steps to Life Change Marriage Course

Get your marriage out of a slump and your work into a flow.

Unhappily Married

Are you part of the 41% who are in a less-than-happy marriage??

Not Engaged at Work

Or the 51% who are feeling pretty much totally disengaged at work?

Let's change those stats!

Know, Love and Live your greatest Strengths to connect more deeply in your marriage and thrive with energy at work!

Meet Becky + Isogo 

Hi! I am Becky Hammond, Founder and Strengths Maven at Isogo.  

Here at Isogo it is our team's MISSION to: Fuel Life-Changing Stories Through the Power of People's Unique and Brilliant Strengths

StrengthsFinder Our Marriage

My own life story---starting with my marriage {of 17 years!} and moving into my role as a manager, parent, and eventually business owner---has been dramatically impacted by the power of the StrengthsFinder(R) language and Strengths perspective. In fact, I am certain that I am a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and a praised consultant to both fortune 500 clients and small businesses today because of the impact in my own life.  

So, whether you run an organization, lead a team, put your head down and plug away, or work full time inside your home; if there is something inside you that says that among all the demands of your work, your family is the most important---that when your family is working well, everything else can work well, too---then this place is for you.

We hope we can be a part of your story of Life-Change, too!

*NEW* Group Coaching Experiene through the 9 Steps!

Through Monday!


I hope you join us as -- for the first time ever -- we walk these 9 Steps together in a Group Coaching Experience!

9 Steps to Life Change Course

Is it for you?

 This Signature Course may be designed for you!

Does any of this sound like your MARRIAGE?

StrengthsFinder Marriage Apart
  • You get entangled in downward spirals of conversations that you never intended to go that way
  • You cannot quite understand why your spouse seems to be intentionally frustrating the heck out of you
  • You are ready to make something different out of the same old arguments with your spouse
  • You wish you could connect more deeply with your spouse
  • You wish you had something to talk about with your spouse on "date night"
  • You once had a spark in your marriage and cannot seem to find it amidst all layers of dust that have settled
  • You are new to this whole marriage thing and want to keep the love alive
  • You would love to see your StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths actually DO something for your marriage

Does any of this sound like your WORK LIFE?

StrengthsFinder Work
  • You feel like you have so much more to offer at work
  • You are not sure you have the tools to take on the next big career transition you're facing
  • You wish you absolutely LOVED what you do every day
  • You find yourself completely drained by the end of the work day
  • You are tired of feeling NO energy to get up and go to a job that you used to love
  • People around you drive you crazy, and you're not sure why
  • You find that when you are in your own flow, you are overwhelming the people around you
  • You would love to see your StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths actually DO something for your career

If you can answer YES to any ONE of these things, this course is for YOU!

Isogo’s Life-Changing Work

Hear from others!

Isogo Testimonial Anna Classy Career

Isogo helped me get more clear about my strengths and how I could work better to improve my work flow. They were things I sensed to be true about myself, but it was like my eyes were opened in a whole new way—that has had a dramatic impact on both my work and the way my husband and I talk through potential conflict. 

As an entrepreneur who manages a team (and works with my husband every day!), knowing our Strengths has changed everything—they way we assign roles, the way we communicate, and the way I see my own leadership of them. With Isogo's help, our revenue has increased and we now enjoy our work and lives more!

Anna Runyan, CEO | Classy Career Girl

Isogo Testimonial Soderstrom

My work with Isogo has been invaluable both in launching my own law firm and in my marriage and family life. Understanding how my StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths have a direct impact on my approach to being a leader, colleague, and husband has opened my eyes to where I am now and where I’d like to take my firm and my family. 

Isogo’s focus on the whole person – and especially my relationship with my wife – really drove home how much control I actually have over how deeply we connect. Isogo’s insights have helped me form real strategies for my life and marriage, not just my work.

Jamin Soderstrom | Soderstrom Law PC

Isogo Testimonial Glick Barrow

As the Director of a medical practice, my work with Isogo has been invaluable! After truly understanding the Strengths of each of my team members, I restructured the entire front office—which has led to a happier, more efficient and less stressful environment for them and for me. 

Personally, the negative labels that have always been associated with my Positivity Strength — “little miss sunshine” and the like! — have been substituted with a sincere understanding by my family and friends. Now, they have begun to to listen to my silver lining refrain, and they actually hear what I have to say. They see that Positivity coupled with my other Strengths produces a no quit attitude — and a TRUE smile all the way!

Patricia Glick, Director | Barrow Cleft & Craniofacial Center

9 Steps to Life Change Course

Envision Your Marriage

What if we could turn it all around?

To Know + Be Known

StrengthsFinder Marriage Vision

On that Wedding Day, we have found it—we are on the ecstatic journey to know and be known. It lights up our eyes and our souls. That day, we feel known.  

Another day, a bit further down the road, when we realize that perhaps we do not know that bed-sharing-person so deeply at all.  

We wonder if he’s changed. If she’s not the same as she used to be. We wonder if we have.

What if—when we find ourselves drifting or slumping or spiraling—what if we can turn it all around.  

 What if we can bring back those moments that light up our eyes? That stimulate our minds? That engage our souls?  

Today, I venture to say…we can.  

StrengthsFinder Marriage Laugh

We can:  

  • know the nuances of ourselves so deeply that we can’t help but share them and live them with our spouse  
  • see through the frequent {or repetitive!} conflict we bare, to the root of what will really fix it  
  • discover the secret to getting our deepest, most salient needs met  
  • see into the heart and soul of that one we chose, in a new and enlightened way  
  • we can have the tough, fruitful, and connecting conversations that draw us nearer  
  • we can know our own contribution to what has grown to be “too much” or “too little” and begin to reverse it to what is “just right”  
  • we can laugh more and fight less  
  • we can dream more and fret less  
  • we can know and be known in a deeply authentic and targeted way  

How much would you pay–or do or give–to connect more deeply with your spouse? To feel respected? To feel honored?

9 Steps to Life Change Course

What will you GET?

For You in the 9 Steps to Life Change Course 

StrengthsFinder Module Becky Hammond

10 Storytelling & Teaching Video Modules with Becky

StrengthsFinder 9 Steps Journal

9 Steps to Life Change Journal to explore the activities and find space to reflect

StrengthsFinder Bonus Activity

Over 10 BONUS Activities & Guides to Take Your Experience to the Next Level 

StrengthsFinder Course Site

Easy to use, private access to the IsogoStrong Course Site

Facebook Group 9 Steps

Membership to our Private Facebook Group with Direct Access to Becky & Isogo for all your Qs 

Money Back Gaurantee

Money Back Guarantee -- If you go through the 9 Steps and are not thrilled with your Experience, Isogo will refund every cent


Join this month get Group Coaching too! 

For the first time ever, I will be offering a 9 week Group Coaching experience to enhance your learning and action in the 9 Steps to Life Change Course. 

Weekly, we will meet live to address your questions and experiences with each step. Slated to begin mid May! 

StrengthsFinder Becky Hammond Isogo

Hi there! As a part of what you GET from the 9 Steps to Life change course, I want to be sure you know that part of what you get is my support!  

Not only do we have a private Facebook group, but I also promise my personalized responses and specific connection as you journey these 9 Steps. I want you to be successful—to experience significant change.  

I’m here for you! ~Becky

9 Steps to Life Change Course

What will you CREATE?

the Details of Each of Your 9 Steps to Life Change  

Step 1 Create
  • Recall your StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths--like second nature--so they take hold and make change 
  • Create a 15-second routine that reorients your mind to what is brilliant and strong about you 
  • Eliminate the weakness mentality
  • BONUS :: 18 Printable Top 5 Templates 
Step 2 Create
  • Truly OWN your Strengths by describing them in your own words 
  • Get past any dissonance you have after reading your Top 5 report 
  • Learn several key ways to gain insights about your Strengths beyond your basic StrengthsFinder report 
  • Create a written picture of your Strengths that make sense to you and inspires you to rely on them 
  • BONUS :: Using the Insight Report for Greater Uniqueness
Step 3 Create
  • Learn the importance of having a "mirror" for your Strengths 
  • Use Isogo's prompts and flow to jump into a guided dialogue with your spouse, friend, or trusted colleague
  • Create a refined image of who you are based on the mirror's everyday reflection 
  • BONUS :: Strengths in Your Words & Theirs
Step 4 Create
  • In the whirlwind of daily life, use your mind body connection to keep focused on what is strong about you 
  • Learn how to use your body to create a burst of energy and inspiration in your day 
  • Create a fun and simple, 10-second daily routine that breaks up your day and refocuses your mind to enhance productivity & connection
Step 5 Create
  • Unwrap the first KEY to connecting more deeply in your marriage and being more inspired by your work 
  • Create your own fun and poignant word picture for how well you actually use your Strengths 
  • Establish a plan to adjust your Strengths to their optimal volumes for more peace and energy
  • BONUS 1 :: Volume Control Marriage Conversation Guide
  • BONUS 2 :: Volume Control Manager & Team Conversation Guide
Step 6 Create
  • Learn the next key to truly winning in your marriage or work 
  • Open your eyes to the unique value you bring through your wiring 
  • Create a clear sense for what your best contribution can be in your marriage or in your work 
  • BONUS 1 :: Your Unique Value 1-Liner Creation Guide 
  • BONUS 2 :: Keys to Contribution Reference
Step 7 Create
  • This is the MONEY step! Uncover the StrengthsFinder’s most poignant and powerful role 
  • Learn the foundation of your deepest psychological and emotional needs {it's easier than you think!}
  • Create a clear sense of what your ideal environment looks like at home and at work 
  • BONUS 1 :: Your Deepest Needs 1-Liner Creation Guide 
  • BONUS 2 :: Nuances of Need Reference
Step 8 Create
  • Uncover the most powerful, first key to setting up your ideal environments 
  • Learn which changes will help make all the difference for how you feel in your marriage 
  • Create a plan for meeting your own needs that does not operate in a vacuum
  • BONUS :: Sharing Your Needs Conversation Guide
Step 9 Create
  • Learn the secret to mastery of your Strengths
  • Commit to fixating on Strength over Weakness {daily!} 
  • Create a fresh and connecting rhythm in your marriage 
  • Create an excited and energy-filled rhythm in your work 
  • BONUS 1 :: Know Your Talent Triggers 
  • BONUS 2 :: On-Repeat Planner 

Isogo’s Life-Changing Work

Hear from {more} others!

Isogo Testimonial Melissa Jill

Over the past three years, as I have worked with Becky and Isogo, learning to understand and really value my StrengthsFinder Strengths has transformed the way I think about running my business and has literally saved one of my closest friendships from crumbling. 

Parts of me that I used to think were inconsistent with the role I chose, I now see as my strategic advantage. And, the friendship I could have lost was saved because I understood the root of the hurt I was feeling (through my Strengths!), and was able to address it head on. 

It has certainly been life changing for me! 

Melissa Jill, Owner | Melissa Jill Photography

Isogo Testimonial Meghan

In the last year my life has seen many changes—changes in location, work situation, and work balance in my marriage. After a forced end to my job as a result of relocation, I knew I also wanted a new balance in my life with both family and work, but I was unsure of what shape it should take. 

Through StrengthsFinder and working with Isogo to understand my Strengths, I was able to negotiate a new role at my company, allowing me to better care for my family. And it gave my wife and me a new vocabulary and toolset with which to articulate our needs to one another. So it is with a clear understanding of my Strengths that I have settled into a new home, a new career path, and a newly-solidified life after a year of changes.

Meghan James | Web Strategist & Copywriter

Isogo Testimonial Bruce

When I first sought out Becky's mavenly wisdom, I felt like I was at an impasse. I loved my career, but my role within it was draining the life out of me. I never expected work to be easy, but I wanted it to feel more life-giving. 

Engaging with Isogo and seeing my strengths tangibly before me helped me realize why this was happening and solidified in my mind the need for change. Engaging my strengths in my work has given me insight to make decisions that bring more energy and less frustration within my career. I see more clearly how my Strengths can be a blessing.

Laurel Bruce | Speech Language Professional & {New!} PhD Student 

9 Steps to Life Change Course


What can I really expect to get out of this course? 

The 9 Steps in this course are a proven track to experiencing significant impact in your most important relationships and your work. As you walk these Steps, you will gain perspectives that change the way your conversations progress with your spouse. You will see ways to connect with him/her that you have never seen before. You will discover exactly what you NEED in order to really thrive and start to set your environment up to meet those needs. You will see how deeply connected your Strengths are to your satisfaction and excitement at work {and your marriage too actually} and what you can and cannot do to align your Strengths for more excitement. These Steps are composed of things I {still} do and think about every single day. When you commit to embarking on this journey, your life will never be the same.

My spouse is not really into this kinda stuff. Can I still get something out of this? 

Absolutely. And in fact, this course starts and ends with you and the value YOU draw from it. As you get to know your Strengths and what they say about the conflict and needs you have, the potential to impact change in your marriage increases. Of course, it'd be FANTASTIC if you both went through the course together. If that's the case, get in touch with me, and I'll get you a screaming discount on your second course. 

How much time will this take? 

Each video ranges from 10-20 minutes, packed with relevant stories and step by step instructions and examples for the actions involved in each step. You can get through all the videos in a matter of hours. However, the power is in the work you do BETWEEN each video. This can range from 25 minutes to 2 weeks -- at about an average of 4-7 days per step. Use the BONUS resource--the 9 Steps to Life Change Course Tracker and Action Planner---to help pace out your journey and make it happen!

I am extremely busy and seem to barely have time to get to my daily tasks and responsibilities. Can I still expect to finish and apply the 9 Steps? 

This course does require commitment and time, so you will want to prepare your heart, mind, and schedule for it. If you can clear 15 minutes per day, you can make the impact of this course a reality in your life. If you're ready and willing to make changes in your marriage or work, this course is set up in increments to help accommodate to your full schedule.

I already took your Dynamite Personal Brand course. Is this going to be any different? 

Thank you for taking the Dynamite Personal Brand course! Yes, this course is drastically different. This is an in depth, daily walk with your Strengths---through the intentional and specific steps it takes to make and sustain significant change in your life. The Dynamite Personal Brand course is a GREAT intro or follow-on to this course.

I am a Strengths Coach already. Will this course benefit me? 

I would say that depends. If you feel like you have already experienced significant or dramatic change in the most important relationships in your life, and you have your own system for getting there, you might not get much more out of the course. However, this is a unique path that is not something created along the typical Gallup journey. It is filled with original exercises and conversation guides not found anywhere else. {If you are interested in taking your clients through a similar 9 Steps journey, let me know, and we can arrange a bundle price or collaboration}.

What if I haven't taken StrengthsFinder yet, but I have taken other assessments before? 

For this course, it's pretty much essential that you take the StrengthsFinder. You can use the insights from other assessment to add to your experience, but much of the material won't make much sense if you don't have your Top 5 Strengths. You can do that through the StrengthsFinder + Strengths Startup Bundle here.

What if I can't remember my Strengths? Do I need to take the StrengthsFinder again? 

It's up to you! You have life-time access to your Strengths over at and the tech folks over at Gallup are like magicians when it comes to unlocking your account, even if it hasn't been accessed since the day you took it...5 years ago! {There is more info inside the course about this}. Often times, there is value in your very first results, so unless it has been over a decade or if you have had some VERY significant life events, I'd recommend starting with your original set of Five. You can always go back and take it again, if you're curious. {If you do want to take the StrengthsFinder again, you can do that with Strengths Startup.}

I'm not sure about the price. Is it worth it? 

I totally get this one! Besides the $4000+ level value the course provides in the video content alone, and the 12+ Bonus resources and activities, I'd challenge you to answer these questions too: How much would you pay to connect the way you want to with your spouse? To have a deep and fulfilling marriage--where you don’t “miss” as often and have go-to, reliable ways to fix it when you do? How about your work? How much would you pay if you could get up every morning with an excitement to approach the work you do? 

Other questions?? 

Please join our Energy Up Frustration Down By Strengths Facebook group to ask questions about this course. OR, feel free to reach out to me directly.

9 Steps to Life Change Course


  • Step by Step coaching through 9 Life-altering Steps :: $2700 
  • 9 Steps Journal {50+ pages!} :: $500
  • Over 10 extensive bonus materials + original exercises :: $1200 
StrengthsFinder Course Value
StrengthsFinder Course Price

9 Steps to Life Change Through Your Strengths SIGNATURE COURSE

Only $497!

StrengthsFinder Course Slashed

9 Steps to Life Change Through Your Strengths SIGNATURE COURSE

Only $497!

StrengthsFinder Course Discount

Spring Class DISCOUNT + Group Coaching Experience!  

60% off!

I would be thrilled and honored to have you join us! If you have specific Qs, please contact me directly!